The artists of Eyes of Society sponsored an award for social engagement in art at this year's Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. We are delighted to announce the winner, Azadeh Pirazimian, whose pigment liner drawings, inspired by nature in Canada, offer a commentary on a more sinistral side of human nature today.

Azadeh Pirazimian, "The chicken supposed the land to be firm" (from the series They have not read the news!), pigment liner on paper, 24" x 17", 2015

“Pirazimian’s images are a narrative of this age, but not an impartial one, because she basically has no intention of remaining impartial. She has portrayed darkness and ignorance. She endeavours to shift the mind of the audience from ‘frivolous’ interpretations. She tries to show that the shadow is, ironically, not a safe place and that the ignorance trees grows under the same shadow. She illustrates the eyes which monitor the society from the depth of darkness, a society which encompasses the world and cannot necessarily be restricted to a specific geographical boundary.” 

Anja Karisik and W. David Ward presenting the Social Commentary Award to Iranian artist Azadeh Pirazimian.  (Photo: Andrew Williamson)

W. David Ward engaged the crowd during a tour of the TOAE grounds. Here, he stops at Pirazimian's booth.  (Photo: Andrew Williamson)