The 5th annual Pelee Island Stone & Sky Music & Arts Series is a growing and eclectic series of concerts and other artistic events featuring spoken word, live performance, and visual arts. Join us for FESTIVA REGIONALISTA, a series of performances taking place on Saturday, August 5th in a disused fossilized limestone quarry and rehabilitated former landfill. This gem of a venue boasts remarkable acoustics and flourishes with indigenous and endangered species of plants and animals, some of which are native only to Pelee Island in all of Canada.

WORD: Sheniz Janmohamed is an author and arts educator who creates mandalas from words and writes poetry inspired by the land.

MUSIC: The Nihilist Spasm Band has been an influence on experimental media since their inception in 1965. Prepare to be unprepared.

ART: Plein air artists John Stuart Pryce & Andrew Cheddie Sookrah. John shares the beauty his eyes see, heart feels, and soul yearns to understand. Philanthropic, Guyana-born Andrew shares his technical expertise and discerning eye.