THANK YOU to everyone who visited the Heliconian Club on Saturday, June 3rd for the opening reception of "A Lasting Presence".

The lead-up to the exhibition wouldn't have happened without the excellent help of the Heliconian ladies ( and an awesome husband): Maria & Michael Wall, Emma Walker, Brenda Segall, Anya Orzechowska, Ruthia Pak Regis, and Jan McCartney...I'm indebted.

To the ReEnounter crew: thank you for keeping a watchful eye over me as I passed through my transition phase. It was out in Haida Gwaii that I finally awoke, and with your encouragement waded into the waters of my transition.

I'm grateful for all my dear friends who put up with my long silences and absences, but who made sure I never slipped entirely off radar.

Amra & Ciba, one a pillar the other a mentor. You always gave me freedom to explore, wander, and search, while having an unfaltering belief in whatever direction I chose.